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Muddy Mentality

My insanity unleashed on an unsuspecting world

11 February
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Just to prove my insanity I have gone off and joined four writing communities. Whee, ph33r my mentality.

Various #2
- Kailen "Dancer" Sri'vasta -

001.Magic 002.Good 003.Evil 004.Dream 005.Nightmare
006.Truth 007.Lies 008.Loyalty 009.Hero 010.Villain
011.Love 012.Hate 013.Hope 014.Despair 015.Power
016.Weakness 017.Light 018.Dark 019.Time 020.Pretend
021.Adult 022.Freedom 023.Chains 024.Trust 025.Longing
026.Humor 027.Fun 028.Battle 029.Tears 030.Heart
031.Sport 032.Odd 033.Normal 034.Music 035.Poetry
036.Tales 037.Quote 038.Black and White 039.Fine Line 040.Positive
041.Negative 042.Never-ending 043.Celebration 044.Blossom 045.Belief
046.Sweet 047.Sour 048.Frozen 049.Burned 050.Reassurance
051.Defeat 052.Betrayal 053.Lust 054.Greed 055.Gold
056.Silver 057.Flashback 058.Self-esteem 059.Pride 060.Dull
061.Sparkle 062.Clean 063.Beautiful 064.Alone 065.Dress up
066.Animal 067.Motion 068.Dance 069.Play 070.Fantasy
071.Deisre 072.Serenity 073.Eyes 074.Body 075.Science
076.Art 077.Religion 078.Top of the World 079.Flight 080.Stand tall
081.Run 082.Protect 083.Close but far 084.Stars 085.Sun
086.Intimacy 087.Kiss 088.Hug 089.Smile 090.Frown
091.Destiny 092.Sacrifice 093.Memories 094.Happy Ending 095.Life Worth Living
096.Choice 097.Choice 098.Choice 099.Choice 100.Choice

1. Greed. 2. Gluttony. 3. Wrath.
4. Sloth. 5. Envy. 6. Lust.
7. Pride.

Fox and Collin are 'Fucktard' love.
Fox and Collin are 'Fucktard' Love.

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